About Us

LaaWin is educational and leverages on the tech ecosystem in Africa to educate young Africans on everything that concerns the African continent, by restoring their interests in reading, studying, researching and appreciating African history, culture, and values. It is a product of LaaWin D’Afrique Limited, a company incorporated under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The name LaaWin is an acronym for "Learn Africa And Win".


A wise man once said that the recipe for success is to first recognize a need and then reach out to meet that need. LaaWin is positioned to meet various fundamental needs facing most young Africans. These needs can be grouped into:

Psychological Needs

“Man, know thyself”.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge of who they are.

The above statements are central to laawin objectives. Many young folks of African origin are  ashamed of identifying with their root because the stories they have been told about Africa and Africans are one-sided and false.

Changing the narrative starts with learning and sharing the truth about our African heritage; because Africa has been poorly portrayed to the world, despite her numerous exploits in time past.

LaaWin gives you free access to accurate contents that tell the true story about the lifestyle, custom, history, and even achievements, of African continent during ancient and contemporary times. Stay informed about African solutions to perceived problems through valid contents that tell our stories as is; without puffery or debasement. There’s no better time to look inwards than now; and LEARNING is a step in the right direction towards changing the narrative.

Economic Needs 

The active population of Africans are speedily getting distracted with unproductive and non-sustainable survival methods. The survival race is so keen that many of them have inadvertently taken to crime, fraud, gambling and other indecent lifestyle to survive.

LaaWin gives you the opportunity to win amazing cash and material prizes as rewards for successful participation in quizzes, up to NGN30,000 for each quiz. Browse through our library for interesting contents published at intervals, daily, and participate in quizzes based on published contents. Attempt each question with precision and speed! You can emerge our star prize winner or receive consolation prizes as rewards! Take part and stand out in our mega quiz that holds bi-monthly and receive a whooping sum of NGN750,000 as well as other consolation prizes!

Keep learning, keep winning!

Social Needs

There is  an obvious gross deficit of platforms where African youths can truly cross-fertilize ideas, share values  and explore their social-cultural connections.

LaaWin is Africans for Africa! You will build relationships and stay in touch with over 400 million active population across African nations, and several million others in the diaspora.

  • Find friends, play games and watch videos on LaaWin
  • Share exciting memories, photos and videos
  • Stay abreast of social events and make plans to meet up with friends
  • Relay and access live videos on the go
  • Look up African businesses for reviews, operation hours and pictures
  • Get user feedbacks on user experience from direct customers of African businesses
  • Relish the rich cultures of African Festivals, Ceremonies and Celebrations.